​Mission Centre Volunteer Positions

our-volunteers.pngThank you for your interest in volunteering at Open Arm's Mission Centre. We have been operating day to day through of the grace of God and the hard work of our volunteers.

Share Your Time And Talents

Volunteer at Open Arms Mission. Our volunteers are the hands and feet of our ministry and as a volunteer, you’ll make a big difference in the lives of people, all while gaining valuable experience that can assist you in your own personal goals. You have a lot to offer Open Arms Mission: your time, talent and passion. Below are just a few ways volunteers help out at the Mission Centre.

  • Driver

    To volunteer as a driver you must have a license and a close to clean driving record.  All drivers have a driving history check done and are cleared with our insurance company.  Drivers pick up food items from local grocery stores, farms, other food banks, and our warehouse.  They also may pick up from food drives & daily perishable food providers, make garbage runs and occasional deliveries to our other two divisions.
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  • Food Distribution

    Working downstairs, usually in pairs, these volunteers fill grocery bags with food allotments based on family size.  The registrar calls down when a client is coming and the distributors have it ready.
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  • Kitchen Worker

    Often volunteers work in pairs in the kitchen, repackaging bulk foods to give out to clients, doing dishes and preparing food for distribution.
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  • Office Volunteer

    If you are looking for something not so labour intensive and would prefer to have a behind the scenes position, office volunteer may be for you.  We always need people to update our database, help with mailings, fold newsletters, stuff envelopes and help with other small office jobs.
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  • Personal Care Attendant

    Personal hygiene products (soap, shampoo), baby products (diapers, formula), adult incontinence products and hats and mittens (seasonally) are available.
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  • Registration

    When clients come in for services, they meet with the registrar first.  Food Bank Canada requires that we track stats about the number of people we serve each day.  All personal information is kept securely and privacy is priority.  This volunteer has a unique opportunity to have one-on-one time with each client that comes through the door.
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  • Stockers

    Food items come in daily from the local community and from our warehouse.  Volunteers who are stockers restock the shelves, empty the van with the drivers who bring them in and check expiry dates on each and every item.
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